Bespoke Garments

At Atelier iavarazzo we provide crafted bespoke garments, offering the finest in construction. In fact, our bespoke jacket has a canvas sewn inside, unlike the cheaper plastic fusing used in most ready- to-wear and many tailored jacket on the market. The canvas allows the jacket to sit better on the body, hold more shape, feel more comfortable and provide greater breathability.
Pricing is determined by cloth selection as well as the choice of tailoring method, which defines the level of hand-work of each garment.

We offer two type of crafted bespoke suits to accommodate the different needs and budget of each client, choosing between a full- canvassed suit sewn by hand and a half-canvassed suit sewn by machine.
In case you don’t know which one to choose, schedule an appointment with us, also for an informal chat, and we will guide you through the different choices. We are always happy to share our passion for bespoke tailoring and timeless style.