I’m Gianluca Iavarazzo,

Creative Director of Atelier Iavarazzo, a bespoke tailoring house, where tradition meets innovation... and I will take you through this fantastic experience!

What we do

Our concept of tailoring goes beyond the ordinary product, made up of many elements that allow the client to live a true tailoring experience.

We take care of the look of the gentlemen who needs a refined and elegant style in every moment of his life.

From classic outfits to the most original and dandy looks: each fabric can be shaped according to the needs and desires of our client.

A gentleman who wants to enhance his personal image through an exclusive bespoke garment, which expresses the importance of his role.

Where we do

We travels to several cities around the globe, bringing the highest quality tailoring, recreating the experience you would have if you visited our atelier. Book a private visit at your home or office, otherwise join one of our trunk shows.








Abu Dhabi

Our clients


We take care of the look of business men who needs a refined, elegant and formal style in every moment of their life.


Professionals who want to enhance their personal image through a handmade cut suit, which expresses all the importance of their role.


From classic outfits to the most original and dandy looks: each fabric can be customized to customer’s measurements and desires, to become a suit completely made to measure.


Made in Italy tailoring details and impeccable fit: elevate your career-oriented style without neglecting the aesthetic canons linked to new trends.

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