During the first meeting we will discuss fabrics, details and the measurements will be taken. Then we will create a garment made from a completely new pattern made just for you, based on your measurements, posture and physical traits.

The following meetings will regard the intermediate fittings, those will serve to make sure everything is falling properly and you will discuss with our tailors about the fit. At each stage we update your pattern so we can recreate the perfect fit for your future garments.

The turnaround time can take between 8 to 10 weeks, depending if the tailor is dealing with a new client or an existing one.

If your new bespoke garment, for some reasons, would need an additional alteration, you can bring it back for free alterations within four months of the date it has been delivered. The alterations for garments that are more than four months old will be charged.

“If someone entrusts me with his time, I will turn it into experience

Marina Abramović

Private tailor service