Italy is full of small artisan businesses and skilled master craftsmen, who are unable to grow, remaining in a "perennial start-up phase", because they do not have the entrepreneurial skills like other larger ones, who have been able to transform their business into a brand.

This is how Gianluca Iavarazzo, Neapolitan, born in '81, after having travelled through many places around the globe and lived in different cities and worked for several years for multinational management consulting companies, driven by his passion for style and tailoring, decides to return to their roots and invest in Neapolitan craftsmanship, where the mastery of the tailors is internationally recognized.

In 2011 he began to develop his project, create a house of Neapolitan tailoring excellence, bringing together several small artisan workshops under a single brand, Atelier iavarazzo.
Creating a new, contemporary tailoring concept, that dresses the modern gentleman through a timeless elegance, not being too influenced by the trends of the moment, because those pass, while the elegance remains.

A concept of tailoring that goes beyond the creation of the mere garment, but is made up of various elements, such as the innovation of the tailoring approach, the exclusivity of the customised service, with the aim of giving the customer a full tailoring experience. Each garment that is made, is a project that is created from scratch, a path that is made together with the customer, with attention for the details and the search for exclusivity.

Our Workshop in Naples

Each garment is fully executed in our workshop in Naples, ensuring quality is delivered at every stage. Our master tailors create crafted bespoke garments according to the Neapolitan tailoring tradition.

Our Studio in Milan

Discover our studio in the heart of Milan, a place designed to enrich your bespoke experience. We usually schedule private appointments to ensure a high level of confidentiality.